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The Ninjaw's Amiga CD32 Page


31 aug 2001: Shuted down my ftp... I warned u, on the forum.

26 aug 2001: WORLD PREMIERE discovered the unbelievable Cubo CD32 machine, and tested one of his never seen in the world excellent game Candy Puzzle. I'll test more of the other rare game and my 5 new original games later...

12 aug 2001: Added a short test about Diggers 2 Extractor preview CD. Get it if you can on my ftp. Also 3 new Games Cedric, Battletoads & Castle 2.
5 aug 2001:
I finally updated my game list with all the new games I get!!, more to come. Also a full new update of links... less sites but more iso & chats. Until the end of august, you can access covers & downloads on my ftp, try the links, FAST!!!!!.

27 oct 2000: A new game to download for free!! it's Last Ninja 3.
24 oct 2000: Stop emailing! the broken 1st archive of Benath A Steel Sky is back online for u to play the greatest cd32 adventure game!!! Did you check sometimes the cover archive? I allways add covers when I find one, new covers are rare HiQuality scans for: Trivial Pursuit, Super Putty, Speedball 2, Sensible Soccer, Project X/F17, Lemmings CDTV, Last Ninja 3, Lamborghini Challenge, Joh Barnes Football, JetStrike, James Pond 3 the box, James Pond 2, Ik+, Human the box, Guardian, FireForce, Defender Of The Crown 2, Chuck Rock 2, Cannon Fodder Box, Akira Box, Amiga Classics 2.
30 sept 2000: Added the download section, 4 free games & tools. I also had tons of new games but they still arent in my list. Also is a new link with free games.
09 aug 2000: Added 2 more games in my list, Gunship 2000 & Universe, and a complete test of Alien Breed Tower Assault with tons of pics including 25 maps!.
31 jul 2000: Added 2 more docs from my emails, a quick CD32gamers content list, and a FAQ made by myself about burning CD32 disks! Added 12 more new games again!!!! my list starts to be impressive heh?
28 jul 2000: Added about 17 of my new games in my own list, complete test for Defender of the crown 2, 2 new pics for Microcosm. I can make photos easily now. The cover archive is now online. Added 3 great docs: Faq2000, CDTV retrospective1&2, CDXL review. Links are updated
11 apr 2000: Added Pirates! Gold & Microcosm complete test, 15 wonderful new screenshots made for Heimdall 2, 30 MORE rare screenshots for Basejumpers!! all made on amiga, about 18 new covers/back/disks almost scanned by me and, a great UFO guide in html/aguide. I bought Lamborghini American Challenge & Super Stardust & Simon. I repaired my amiga, and now own a CD burner.
29 mar 2000: I bought UFO, Simon the sorcerer and Labyrinth of time. Complete huge test for UFO enemy unknown, and the game free to download. new type of short details
20 mar 2000: Opened the Presentation with 4 new pics, the Games List, the Unrealised list, and Links. 15 new pics in gallery, lots of cover in Own games reviews, updated DiggersOscar, Heimdall2, Morph.
13 mar 2000: Short details for Zool, complete reviews for Morph and CD32 gamer april95.
10 mar 2000: Short details for Pinball Fantasies, added the CD32 F.A.Q.
09 mar 2000: 8 new original pics for BasejumpersCD32 and far more details. More details for Heimdall2. I bought Morph & Zool
06 mar 2000: Complete test for Heimdall2, 2 new Cds CD32gamer, short details for every games.
03 mar 2000: We now have 6 complete reviews+pics! and 12 games pictured. Page is on Yahoo US.
26 fev 2000: 3 new images, some graphics changes, I bought 2 new games
23 fev 2000: First apparition on the web