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Bought in france, is the pretty rare unknown "Cubo CD32".
I never heard at all of this machine and the games created for it !

But this machine is actually a base CD32... and the games created for it are just really great !

Actually it seems that this is an Italian/Milan company that created games for it in 1996, called 'CD express'. I actually have a great Puzzle Bobble clone never seen at all on the amiga scene!! and same thing for an Italian blackjack game and a french 10000 question photo quiz (with 5 languages translation hidden on CD)

Basically this is a CD32 with a card to translate informations for
an arcade machine use.

So the card is the joypad... and actually a couple of new infos
like the arcade dip switches are sent to the cd32

Actually the only use of dip switch is the setup menu at games boot,
and perhaps some versions were able to change games with an additional
button, because there is an amiga dos command that is able to launch 3 games
in one Cubo cdrom, depending an unknow entry

Also you can access the setup of the games like real arcades machine, by a switch... or launching it on real amigas...

Candy Puzzle Full Test

The special games disks