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Track 1
5,80 megs
The game data.
Track 2
Main Theme
Track 3
Hawai Theme
Track 4
Faster main theme

There is no infos about this game.
Because this was released by CD express in Milan Italy in 1994, for their
arcade machines made with a CD32. They are called CUBO CD32.

This game boots on a setup screen as an arcade machine, but only on amiga, never
on CD32. I don't know yet how to access it even on a CUBO CD32.
Buttons are not really used as normal, colors are bad, because surely of the Arcade
machine. The game do not work on Winuae but on amiga. Included are all required files to
create a new game : LUCKY FIVE in italian language, this is a blackjack game.
An additionnal startup sequence included from a multigame version also talks about another
unknown game using the code "FORZA4".
Anyway, this game is an EXCELLENT puzzle bobble clone!!!
It even got new funny bonus like suddenly play like Arkanoid!! excellent.
You also must some times free some guys, like in Puzzle de pon.
You got also duels but you dont send bubbles to other guy...
On the CD you can directly see the IFF pictures on PC (the files actually on this page),
or even the IFF-ANIM bobs with an amiga.


Most of pics directly found on CDROM... Photo pics are photo of screen.
A game by CD express
The setup screen... you can only have this on real amiga
Title screen.. original file
Title screen.. original file
Title screen.. original file
The screen in live action... yeah there are credits
Yerk! there is a story... here come original files, I couldn't see it on cd32!
Explanations : The coolest bonus on earth!!!
Explanations : the Puzzle De Pon-like system
Explanations : Oh? really?
Explanations : Still searching for them all
Explanations : Never saw that..
Explanations : Great anims
Explanations : Oh? really??

Hiscore screens .. taken from original cd files

A bunch of messages
Original screens files
Original screens files
One exemple of the backs available
Live screenshots
Live screenshots
Live screenshots
Live screenshots
Live screenshots
Live screenshots
Live screenshots
Another hidden screen from the hidden game
Lucky five !! the hidden italian game
The setup screen only available on real amiga