GX-700 Manager by Ninjaw P.B.
Use this free GX700 prog on PC!!!!

WinUAE running GX700 manager !!!
You know, Amiga is a great complex computer... and PC a big fat stupid machine....
BUT some people made an amiga emulator for PC!!! so why not use GX700manager??

This great emulator is called UAE but the coolest version is probably WinUAE, why? because
it's a Windows version... (there is a lot of different versions!!) download now WinUae here.
I made this screenshot on  a 2 years old PC with Win95... so you see, WinUAE works fine.
WinUAE is totally free, but to work correctly, you need some amiga files/roms! that still aren't
free!!! basically you need one amiga rom, versions from 1.0 to 3.1, You should take 3.1 but
if you got 1.3, it's working! and changes nothing... to have this rom you can:
-Have an amiga and make hard work to bring it back
-Buy the PC-CD Amiga Forever from Cloanto, an official rom is included
-Downloading it from the net!! yep, browsing UAE sites, you surely will find it!
even if it's illegal! see... games are illegals too, so what will bring theses sites??

Ok, now the config! there is several amiga, so the config is big... and not really showing 'A500', 'A1200' ...
so i'll help you, basically, if you do a random selection, it surely will work!!!! my prog is designed to work
on all amigas! BUT you should choose a base Amiga 1200, I designed the prog on that.
For RAM choose: 2megs CHIP 0megs FAST and of course 0megs any other special mems...
For CPU, it's 68020, for the CPU speed, I dont now, try 'Adjustable'
For DISPLAY choose AGA and not the NTSC flag!... well, this AGA is really not required
and is slower, and buggier, so you can choose the lowest: OCS
For I/O ports ... midi is automatic!!!
All other things are gadgets for your pleasure.

Now, using it!!! PTUH basically you should install the complete workbench on a emuled Hard Drive
To be able to use the prog correctly (minimum! you'll need LHA, a Dopus like, and newicon for comfort)
But there is an easier way, you see, amiga can be use as a computer... or a game console with keyboard.
'cause it can boot completly on disks! so the easier fucking way is designing a boot disk with the prog on it!
But if you should design it by yourself, it wont be easy, hey? so ok, I made one for you!
go to the download section! (note: devs:serial.device included is from 3.1)

Ok, a last note: unfortunely, it seems that the midi emulation is only output!! but perhaps can
you try to plug the gx700 on your serial port, and then, turn off the midi emulation?? it's not really hard...