GX-700 Manager by Ninjaw P.B.

The main screen
The main screen heavily commented
Learn everything about the main screen....
The main screen showing another patch
The main screen.. displaying a patch.. that is making a big use of the manager options
The Dump screen
Here is the menu that appears above the main screen. Here you can receive/send/load/save the config files from the GX700... and EDIT it!!! yes, you can rename the patch in memory, and even swap them!!! You can see here, that the complete config of the gx-700 is in memory.
The Dump screen receiving info
you just clicked on 'receive', manager is waiting for the gx-700 to send him his config... when receiving you can see Live what is
coming... After receiving, manager is automatically reconfiguring to the gx-700 config!!! The patchs names and ID number...
The Dump's Edit screen
the menu that appears when you click on EDIT... here is in memory the whole GX-700 config. If you can see only 100 patches it is because there is only 100/200 patches to edit on the gx-700 (remember? ;). If you can see twice the number 00, that is because the first one is for the SYSTEM config. You know that the Config Files sended on midi by the Gx700 can have this shorter part included with the patches or not...Off course here you can't change the name of 00:SYSTEM or even
swap it... By editing this file...nothing will change on the gx700 or the manager! Yep you need to resend it after editing, for the modifs appear on the Gx700.... AND the manager, that tries automatically to have the same config than the Gx700