GX-700 Manager by Ninjaw P.B.
Known Bugs / Future

I LOST the sources for this prog!!! it wont be updated at all and this is a shame!
'cause it is bugged!! And I know why, perhaps I will make a tool to convert between
several formats and send/receive correctly.

Basically, there is a problem when SENDING your patches to the GX700, this happens when you send a
lot of patches.. you have a 'buffer overflow' like message. So you surely lost some infos!

Why? it's because I wrote&discovered all the midi communication/patch format by myself!!!
So when receving, all is saved when there is something to save, but initially, there is about 4
pauses when GX700 is sending, that should be recorded into the saved files (that needs translation!
so it's why I didn't imagined that) because when you send back it to GX700, it needs some pause!

Another thing, this was almost invisible on a base amiga 1200 !
yep! the speed of the amiga is important!! argh

I dunno if it works under WINUAE the PC amiga emulator really great, but it should!!
I will try this, soon!